Thursday, February 11, 2010

A heartfelt e-mail from a relative of my Husband

 I'm glad there are people with kind hearts that choose to share touching things like this that help us...

Hi Kris and Kellie,

The memorial you have created for your son is just beautiful. I have had a
really good look at all the pictures - My God he was beautiful!

I kept thinking how much different it is these days to when some of our
ancestors lost their children and were told to forget about it because that
would be easier. It wasn't.

My Grandma - your great-great-aunty Elsie lost her first son too. His name
was Benjamin Arthur Florance, and he was still born, so she never got to
feel his heart beat, and that was on 3rd November 1922. She was in labor
for 48 hours in an old house in South Greenbushes, and had her Mum and an
elderly midwife with her, and she nearly died. He weighed 13lb 8oz, and she
was only 5'2". There was no reason given for his death, and she never saw
him or held him.

When I had Chris, I had gestational diabetes, and was told it was
hereditory. Mum didn't have it with me, but Grandma described the symptoms
of when her Ben was born and my doctor did a kind of "delayed" diagnosis and
confirmed that is what she had too.

The day I told her? 3rd November 1992.

Her response?

"My little boy. He would have been 70 today. I finally know I did nothing
wrong. His name was Ben, and he was beautiful." Then she cried and told me
how much she missed him.

He never left her, she had 2 more children, 3 grand daughters, and I was
pregnant with her 3rd great-grandchild when she died, but she never ever
forgot Ben.

Because she was a good parent.

Just like you two.

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