Sunday, August 1, 2010

~ Remi's Memorial ~ July 31, 2010

Yesterday, we had a memorial and tribute to our precious son Remi.

The day couldn't have been more beautiful...complete with many dragonflies through the entire service (we called them our ushers) and birds that flew in perfect formation three times over head during the service. It was incredible to hear them and watch them pass added to the powerfulness and beauty of this deeply emotional and humbling day.

The service was so told the story of Remi. It had a lot of depth and light to touched on the emotions of loss and eventually the start of healing.

We had the perfect person speaking. Saral has been like a gift to us, she met with us both many times together and by ourselves, helping us heal a little more and just wanting to be there for us.

Jennifer also spoke and told a bit about her experience meeting us at the funeral home and how we were able to see Remi again to say our final good bye's to him after almost two weeks...which was not supposed to have happened. She told how her experience with Remington has influenced her life and guided her to continue helping people who have lost loved ones like us and how he affected her life in such a positive way. 

Many wonderful, loving friends were there to celebrate Remi and support us....they came from far and wide.

We're glad we experienced this ritual for Remi, for our healing and the start of a new beginning.

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  1. It was a beautiful, memorable service that did Remi's brief presence on this earth justice. Xo